The Neurophages VII

“Infected with a neurophage?”
“An angel is powering this carriage?” said Lou and Miles simultaneously.
“Yes Lou, the neurophages are attached to their lymbic system and direct their thoughts and actions. For the most part this is not noticeable, but none of them will do anything that goes counter to the machinations of Babbage.”
“And yes Miles, this transport is powered by the angel Sorath. He is my …”
“We have to rescue him!” Miles interrupted, jumping up.
“It’s too late.” Alba’s hand rested on his arm, sending an icy shiver though his body “His energy is almost spent and removing him from the harness will most certainly kill him.” her voice exuding profound sadness.
Silently Miles stared at Alba then at Lou and he thought he could detect a tiny tear in her corner of her eye. she is human after all Lou gazed lovingly at Miles, her heart throbbing with the prospect of adventure.

CLUNK the first automaton hit the Lincoln, gears and springs composing a cacophony of metallic rain on the hull.

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