Scare Tactics

“But you can’t just ‘secure the area’ forever,” Josh said. “People are going to notice the empty houses sooner or later. Friends and relatives are going to come looking.”

“By then, spin control will be in place,” Fox said. "They’ll come up with some kind of cover-up. "

Josh frowned. “This doesn’t make any sense. Why aren’t they just hijacking the airwaves and broadcasting their existence openly?”

“Who knows what Marauders think?” Hydraulics whirred as Fox shrugged. “Maybe they figure it’d be more effective if nobody actually knows what’s going on. You know, like in the first part of a horror movie.”

“Then why don’t you guys broadcast about what’s going on?” Josh shook his head. “Take the scare out of their scare tactics.”

“It could do that,” Fox admitted. “But it could also start a mass panic. The higher-ups are working on some way to get a decisive advantage. Until then, we just have to try to maintain the status quo.”

“Argh.” Josh shook his head. “What have I let myself in for?”

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