The Truth Comes Out

After much deliberation, I decided to talk to John about how I felt. I figured there wasn’t much to lose, seeing as he lives in Kentucky while I’m hours away in West Virginia. It wasn’t like I was going to have to face him every day if he rejected me.

Being the shy introverts that we are, we were known to talk a great amount on Face Book. I typed up a thoughtful message that ended with a question about how he felt. My cursor lingered over the ‘send’ button. Should I send it or should I not? I closed my eyes and clicked.

I had only to wait for my response now, which proved to be more difficult than I had previously thought. I checked my inbox constantly but he didn’t reply. I took long walks around the neighborhood to clear my head of him. It didn’t work. I assumed I had blown any chance I had with him.

Then I received an instant message from him so I brought up the topic of the inbox message. There were very few moments before I got my answer. A definite yes. And so the journey began…

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