Two Wongs don't make me write

She finished reading the letterand turned to see the hideously contorted features of the old man. And…he was dead….so very dead.
Applying for her first adult passport Julia discovered the’father’ section was blank. Her mother refused to discuss it.
Julia met her soulmate in America. Noel was a young doctor who lived in ‘Queens’ with a frail elderly father.
Noel’s father had been a career politician. He had spent most of his life opposing legislation for ‘Pro same sex liasons’. This vendetta apparently stemmed from his early days when the only person he truly loved left him for a female lover.
As the old man slept Julia started to read aloud the letter she had received that morning. Olivia had written that she had checked up on Noel’s background and had found that the old man was also Julia’s father. The door opened and her mother and Noeleen or Noel as she was called came into the room.

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