The Orphanage 5 (edited ficlet)

They served him his regular meal on Saturday, and they kept the drinks coming. He locked them up, then stumbled to his room. Then they sat, ready to go when they heard the music. There it was.
Fay handed Sophia the crowbar and her and Marco wrenched the door open. They jumped when the loud cracking of the wood sounded as it came off. The music was still going. They snuck out of the room, Fay taking the lead. They tip-toed down the steps, and they saw it, the door. Their hearts were pounding with both fear and excitement. Could it really be that easy? Fay smiled weakly to the others, and with a trembling hand, turned the knob, and ripped it open. They all smelled the fresh night air, and all they could hear were the chirping crickets and the music from upstairs. Fay held the door open and let everyone out, then they all jumped, the music stopped. They stood frozen, not know exactly what to do. They heard him come out of his room, probably to check on them in their room, but he won’t find them.

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