The Orphanage 6 (edited ficlet)

“Run for the woods!” Fay whispered, and she took off with the rest, falling behind a little, she wasn’t the fastest runner.
They could all hear him yelling and cursing, then a door slamming, they were halfway there. Fay was running as fast as she could, catching up with the rest, then when she looked back to see if he was following, she tripped over a rock. No! she thought.
Then, just as she was back on her feet, he tackled her back to the ground. She looked ahead, and the others were already disappearing into the trees, she couldn’t help but be happy for them. She was glad, she wanted them to be free. They were her only family she had. and besides, they deserved it, they know that they still have family out there, she doesn’t. I don’t even deserve to still be alive, she thought, I’ve been here since I was a baby. She didn’t care what punishment she would face. She looked around, and glared,
“Go ahead, beat me I don’t care!” he was looking at her, very, very mad.
“My pleasure,” he responded.

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