The Orphanage 7 (edited ficlet)

Sophia was the last to make it into the woods. She bent down to catch her breath. Marco was looking at everyone with a worried expression, “Wait, where is Fay!?”
Everyone looked around, not seeing her, they went to the edge of the woods, then each hid behind a tree when they saw him standing over Fay.
He had caught her, and he was ready to strike, even worse, he was swaying because they had gotten him very drunk.
“No…” whispered Lucas, Abigail made a move to go back and help her but Sophia and Aleena stopped her.
“Do you realize what will happen if we go back there?” Aleena said.
“Do you realize what will happen if we don’t?” Abigail cried.
“Just stay put, I know Fay would want us to be free and she would not want us to ruin our freedom by going back there.” said Lucas, even though he looked doubtful himself.
They all turned to the scene in the yard.

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