The Orphanage 8 (edited ficlet)

“You know what this just got ya blondie?” he teased, swaying a little.
Fay just glared, trying to hide all her fear.
“It got ya six times the beaten, ya no why? Everyone else is GONE AND THERE WAS SIX OF YA’S!” He kicked her twice, hard, in the leg. She screamed, she had injured that leg a week ago while cleaning his closet.
The kids in the woods watched in terror as he wrenched her up by her arm and slapped her repeatedly a crossed her face. He threw her to the ground. She lay still, moaning, sobbing. Then he yelled as he kicked her hard in the stomach, “IT WAS YOUR IDEA WASN’T IT?” he kicked her in the stomach again, blood poured out of her mouth. “Oh come on, we can’t just watch him do this! She could die!” cried Abigail, who was not the only one with tears in her eyes.
Lucas had stepped out, ready to go. They all stood silent. Then he kicked her in the side of the head, and she lay unconscious on the ground. That was it, without thinking, they all ran from the woods toward him.

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