The Orphanage 9 (edited ficlet)

He was not ready when they reached him. Aleena, Abigail, and Marco picked up Fay and headed back to the woods.
Sophia punched him in the stomach and yelled “NOW HOW DO YOU LIKE IT ?!” Lucas raised the crowbar high over his head and brought it down on his head. He fell to the ground. Sophia high-fived Lucas then they both followed the others carrying Fay back into the woods.
When they got there, they laid her down carefully on the ground. Abigail took her pulse, she nodded. Everyone looked around at each other, looking for answers. They had planned to celebrate, rejoice at their freedom, but none were expecting something as bad as this to happen.
“Well, wha- what do we do know? What if he wakes up? How are we gonna feed ourselves? How are we going to make a fire? Find shelter? Where the heck are we planning on going anyway? And… and WHAT ABOUT HER ?” Sophia panicked, and pointed at Fay, breathing heavily.
“SHUT UP AND CALM DOWN! I have an Idea…” Aleena said.

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