The Orphanage 10 (edited ficlet)

Abigail and Aleena headed back to the house, while Sophia and Lucas, armed with the crowbar, stood watch over him. And Marco stayed back with Fay, she was still unconcious.
Aleena headed to the kitchen for food, while Abigail went to the living room for the matches. They met back in the hallway, Aleena with a bag full of food and Abigail with the matches. “We should get some blankets.” Abigail whispered. While they were searching through the closet for blankets, they found an old tent.
“Perfect!” Aleena exclaimed, and they pulled it out. They went outside with the supplies.
Sophia and Lucas saw them and walked toward them.
“Any problems?” Abigail asked.
“Nope, that bastard is out cold.” Sophia answered.
“Language Soph.” Abigail snapped.
“Is that a tent?” Lucas asked.
“Yup,” Aleena said, “found it in his closet, pretty lucky, eh?” They all nodded in agreement, and started towards the woods.
When they got back, Marco was shushing Fay. She was awake, and looked like she was in a lot of pain.

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