That made me smile :)

In A-Block we were watching this really out-dated movie about teens and dating. I put my head down and was slowly drifting to sleep.
“Camilia, Pay attention,” the teacher said, tapping on my desk.
I jerked my head up, a few people glanced over, but the movie was still running. It was over with five minutes left in class. I just realized I hadn’t checked my E-mail this morning. I got my phone out and logged on under my desk. I had one from Josh, it must’ve been from late last night. I opened it up.
Subject: none
Sender: Josh (October 19, 2009 10:58 PM)

Hey sorry I couldn’t call you I had a lot of homework. Goodnight, love you :)
That made me smile.
I logged off just as the bell rang. I hurried off to B-Block to claim my seat next to Amy.

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