The Happy Goat II: Dawn of the Cows

The happy goat’s farm was developing fast. many animals were coming to the farm and everyone was getting used to the seasons. All the animals worked together and the happy goat was their leader.

Suddenly, one day, cows came to the farm and they thought that they could overthrow the happy goat and take over the farm. The cows were much stronger than anyone on the farm and could easily take over.

The happy goat asked everyone “what should we do?” and they came to one conclusion. They laid out cow food all over the farm and one day, the cows went to eat the food and got caught in nets. The nets were then dropped into the river and the cows all died.

The happy goat rejoiced with everyone for the threat was gone and life on the farm was back. The happy goat gave a royal speech and held a royal feast and they all lived happily ever after….until a year later when the happy goat died aged five and two months.

His legacy was carried on by his five children……but he will be missed on the farm :’(

THE END!!!!!

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