Talking to Your Food

“I—I thought you were my friend!” she sobbed.

I smiled down at her. “I am your friend. That’s why I’m going to eat you.”

“But—I don’t wanna die!”

I stroked her hair gently. “You’re not going to die. I promise.”

“Y—you promise?”

“You’re going to become a part of me while you’re still alive.”

“But that’s impossible!”

I smiled. “So is eating another person the same size as me, but you believe I can do that.”

She looked down. “I—I saw you eat Jimmy.”

“He’s a part of me now. That’s why I was able to pass the algebra test last week—I had his math skills.”

“You ate him…just so you could pass the math test?”

“Uh-huh! Well, OK, also he tasted good…” I grinned. “And I needed the extra body mass to make these bigger.” I patted my breasts.

“I thought you were up a size…” she murmured. “But…why me?”

“Because I want to keep you as a part of me, safe from the rest of the world.” I smiled. “And once you’ve had time to get to know them, friends taste best of all.”

I opened my mouth and gently pushed her inside.

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