I didn’t say anything when my girlfriend had herself made over into a "neko"—one of those cats in human shape that the campus genetic labs had invented. I kind of liked it, actually. She looked pretty hot in orange and black stripes—really sexy—and I liked playing with her tail.

But then she started giving me the strangest looks. Like she was sizing me up for something. And when she kissed me, she nibbled—almost like she was…tasting me.

One day, she asked me to come into the shower with her. “Scrub my back? I can’t quite reach,” she purred plaintively, tail swishing back and forth.

So I took my clothes off and joined her under the hot water spray. But she seemed less interested in a scrub than in holding me close as the hot water sprayed over both of us.

She licked my face a few times with that bristly tongue of hers, then her mouth opened wide. At first I thought she was yawning—but then I had a really good view of the back of her throat as her hands clamped around my arms and she shoved me inside.

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