Conversations continue

Haydon, digging his shovel into the soft earth, said, “That S O B and I worked at the Columbia Brick and Tile. One hot summer he and I were cementing the inside of a coke chimney—-”
“Haydon, am I going to have to dig this hole alone? You know, you can dig and talk at the same time.”
“Sorry. Anyway, as I was saying, we was inside this tall chimney, both on the same ladder. He was stuccoing two sides and I was doing the other two, and that bastard started farting. S O B had two bean burritos at lunch. Man! his farts were atomic farts. I was gagging, and choking and he was laughing his ass off.”
Homer, bending over holding his side, was laughing.
Haydon spit a wad of tobacco juice on Homers shoe. “It wasn’t funny, asshole.
Here, lets roll the sod your way.” The two rolled the sod together, tears coursing down Homers cheeks. Haydon, saying, “You have any run-ins with Alfmatter?”
“Yeah, but he didn’t cut the cheese in my face,” Homer said.

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