The Happy Goat III: The Ressurection

All of the land inhabited by the animals who remembered and treasured the happy goat were in mourning after his death. His five sons weeped for five whole days and his wife committed suicide out of sadness. It was then that his sons decided that he must be brought back.

Together, they went to his happy grave where his happy gravestone stood and they said "we will bring you back at all costs, we will even sacrifice ourselves. So, they all killed one another in front of the grave and believe it or not, the power of their will brought the happy goat back to life. However, the happy goat was now sad because his wife and sons were dead.

His loss did not stop him from being happy, though, as a feast was held in honour of his return and soon everyone was happy again. Through time, the farm became the largest and most bestest farm in the whole world.

The happy goat knew that his happiness would not last forever and was prepared for the next challenge that awaited him…humans!!!


To be continued…

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