The Happy Goat IV: The Pursuit of Happiness

As expected, the peace and happiness on the farm of the Happy Goat could never last very long. Soon enough, humans came onto the scene and quickly took over the farm naming it “Human” farm. All the animals laughed at them and said “that’s the worst name ever, LOL,” but they didn’t care.

The animals were being treated horribly but the Happy Goat knew he could stand up for his animals, even against the Angry Farmer, the leader of all the humans. The Happy Goat told him that they were to meet and fight and the winner claimed the farm and the other had to do whatever the other wanted. When they met, a brutal battle took place. The Happy Goat was able to knock the man over with his raging kicks and was able to eat his straw hat. The farmer, however, retaliated with nasty punches, but he missed them all. The Happy Goat then knocked the man down the well!

They fished him out and threw him into the river to rot with the corpses of the cows and the Happy Goat had once again saved his animals and restored happiness!

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