The heavens opened

God gives us light
Education tells us this
From parent to child
Teacher to child

We question his existence
As we grow older, smarter
We grow more aware of life’s struggles
The world does not bow down to you
Society is dying around us

A god would not allow this
We were told of his kindness
We began to disbelieve
We began to mock

The day he came to us
The sky fell, the world shook
Believers began to weep uncontrollably
Non-believers stood nervously
Hearts racing
Lips dry

We were right about one thing
He was unforgiving
God’s children were disappearing
Promised a place of peace and promise

God’s fallen were to remain
To wander
To suffer
Live lives
Bathing in the shade

Mothers plead for god’s forgiveness
For the sake of sons and daughters
Who did not believe

To leave earth to kill itself
To return
And torture the jokers
What god is so cold?

The faithful rose in sunshine
The faithless fell into darkness

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