The Lady as the Tiger

The princess had told her lover which door to choose. He now stood before it, working up the courage to enter. All eyes were upon him, waiting for the spectacle to commence. The time was now.

The princess slipped from her throne and scrambled down a secret stair, taking the steps two at a time. She knew she would have just enough time…there.

And here she was, in the room where the hungry tiger lurked. It looked up at her and growled menacingly. “Shh,” the princess soothed, weaving a quick spell. The tiger settled into docility, and the princess approached.

She placed a hand on its splendidly-furred shoulder—then the hand sank in and through, quickly followed by the rest of the princess as she slipped inside. A moment later, the tiger stood on its hind legs and shrank back into the shape of the princess, but with the pelt and tail and ears and teeth and claws of the tiger.

She licked her lips and waited as the door began to open. If he couldn’t be her love…at least he could be her lunch.

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