In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina

I looked around. “That must have been some kiss.”

She laughed and stood, and the dog came bounding over to sniff at my ankles. “Well, it’s your fault. You distracted me.”

“I should distract you more often.” Even the air smelled crisp, but slightly thin—we must be on a mountain. I reached down to pet the dog, who licked my hand. “But…how?”

She walked over to me, kicking at leaves on the ground. “It’s handy in my line of work to be able to keep things in my head. Especially things that can’t be contained any other way.” She smiled. “But those things don’t get as nice a part of it.”

I glanced at the lake, then blinked and looked again. The reflection showed Jackie sitting by herself at one of the tables in Skinny’s, sipping a Code Red with a distant look in her eyes. I was nowhere to be seen. “You mean I’m really…physically in here?”

“Think of it as another dimension if it helps.” She grinned. “I didn’t mean to bring you here, but I’m not sorry I did. It’s good to have someone nice in here for a change.”

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