Ginger: The Spice of Life

“I shouldn’t waste any more time here,” I said, trying to be resolute. I’d never left Harken before. I wasn’t even aware there was anything beyond Mapless, and found that the idea both intrigued and terrified me.

“Before you go,” said Hunter, “tell me… I smelled spices when you arrived. Do you have any with you?”

I still had my deposit in the satchel. “I do. I harvested a ration just yesterday, a deposit for Bag Man,” I said.

“He used to bring me a dose every week to keep me strong. He was due yesterday and already I feel myself loosening up. Please, even a spoonful will be helpful.”

I wasn’t sure how much I could spare with such a journey ahead of me. I offered Hunter several dry mouthfuls of the blend and a swig from my canteen. “That should hold you for another week or two,” I said. “I’ll spread the word in Generatia that you’ve been captured.”

“I doubt anyone you meet will know me… it’s really a very large place. But thank you Ginger. Godspeed!”

With that, I stepped back into the long, muddy tunnel.

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