Dinner for Sister

Somehow, my sister had gotten the ability to eat…other people. I didn’t understand it, but I’d seen her do it before. The people she ate didn’t die but somehow became part of her.

I’ve always idolized sis, wanted to be just like her—but to be a part of her would be even better! But…how could I ever tell her that?

It didn’t really matter—I was running out of time. Tomorrow she was leaving for college, and I’d lose my chance. But I had a plan.

First, I’d drugged her hot cocoa with sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet. Then I’d undressed and smeared myself all over with olive oil from the kitchen, so I’d be nice and slippery. Finally, I dumped a bottle of vanilla over my head so I’d smell good.

Then I went up to her, gently opened her mouth, and bent down to push my head inside.

It worked even better than I’d hoped. As I wriggled forward, she swallowed reflexively. Before I knew it, I’d passed the point of no return—she was gulping me right down.

Oh, sister! I’m finally going to be a part of you!

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