The Very Good Detective is Very Good at Detecting

“Well then, we have a mystery on our hands,” the detective said as he motioned for the busty blonde to stand up. “I’ll find who, or what, murdered your husband. Get some rest, I’ll contact you when I have any information for you.”

He closed the door behind her, but not before watching her plump behind sway as she moved her way down the hall. There was nothing more that he loved about his job than to watch these ever more beautiful ladies as they left his office, their palpable emotions following them while he was left alone to trace the outline they left on his slowly disintegrating memory.

“To be young again,” he said under his breathe, trailing off at the thought.

Sure that she was far enough away, he grabbed his jacket and detectives hat, and informed his secretary that he would be out the rest of the day detecting. Strolling towards the bar he used some magic to figure out the murderer, and then continued to think of the client he’d just left. She would be just the thing to dream of over a nice scotch.

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