The Stalker

Stella and Sophia sat in French class waiting for Madame to start the movie, The Counte of Monte Cristo. Madame walked over to the light switches and turned off one of the lights. Two minutes to the movie Mathew walked over to the lights and turned it off. “Wow that was neccessary.” Stella said rolling her grey eyes.
Sophia laughed and chatted with Stella. A quarter way through the movie Mathew picked up his chair and put it between Sophia and Stella.
“Heey.” Sophia said in a sarcastic sexual tone.
Stella turned, smiled, and quickly turned and stared at the movie. “Hi.” he said in a flirtatious voice to Stella flashing a smile at her. “Hey.” She said nonchalantly. She turned and talked to Sophia as if Mathew didn’t exist.
All of a sudden Madame began to scream, “IF YOU ARE NOT SILENT I WILL DROWN YOU IN WORK! YOU WILL SUFFICATE!!!” Everyones faces fell and they shrunk in their seats cowaring in fear. Stella and Sophia turned and looked at each other. Stella smirked as she knew what Sophia was thinking.

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