Sessions With The Counselor- Cont.

He jumped from his seat and started to pace. After he mumbled awhile to himself, he took the pistol from his pocket and aimed it at the counselor. “You have it all wrong.” He stopped pacing and calmly replied, “I want her to die. She possessed me and now I have no control of what I feel. I need her to die. I need to have control. I need to punish her for this.” He stopped in realization. “Oh, now I see. You have been possessed by her too. By her words I have told you. It controls you too. I can kill her by killing you.” He calmly smiled, satisfied with his decision and pulled the trigger.

The police report stated the shooting took place in the counselor’s office after consulting a client. No information is available on the topic of discussion nor the name of the client. All information is to remain confidential. Only one body was discovered. He was shot once in the heart.

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