As the pillar of flame started to fade, a short, plump figure emerged. Small flames crackled around her person still as she materialized. She had short, spiky blond hair and bright, searching blue eyes. She was dressed in baggy breeches and a red tunic. “You’re BORED? You think that’s gonna make me come over?” Cinder put her hands on her diminutive hips and glared at Accamel.

“Well,” replied Accamel dryly, “You did come over…”

“Oh, shut up. You’re too cocky.” The last of the flames died down and Cinder thumped over to the window seat. “Move!”

Accamel folded his limbs up with difficulty and managed to right himself. Cinder sat down beside him and looked up at him with disgust. “You’re too tall, Ace.”

“Jealous?” Accamel grinned, looking down at her pointedly.

“I’ll have you know that for a fire spirit I’m actually quite lanky.” Cinder crossed her arms and sniffed haughtily.

“I don’t believe that."

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