A Touch Of Madness

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy? "
-Albert Einstein
People usually find deep thinking, creative people weird . The ‘weirdos’ usually end up isolate, because they don’t fit into the ‘normal’, mould of people…and people don’t take the trouble of trying to understand them.
If the Newtons, Einsteins,Edisons did’nt think differently and dare to show their genius to the world in spite of being opposed and ridiculed, would be be even living in the world we call ours…
You will make mistakes,who does’nt , but then that’s how you learn !!!
So, all the creative, intelligent different, geniuses out there , come out and show yourself to the world …. Its we who take the world forward and show different , never before seen possibilities and ventures ….
Thank u !!!

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