“It isn’t as simple as Autobots and Decepticons, unfortunately. Like I said, I work for bad people. They’re only the good guys because the bad guys are worse than them.” Fox said, clearly not happy with the situation.

“Then why work for them?” Josh asked, having trouble reconciling the situation in his mind.

“They’re the only game in town, unfortunately. When I got, eh, processed, by the Marauders, they stuck me in one of their libraries… Basically a big Beowulf cluster of brain-patterns… Aegis captured the one I was in, and rather than spend my time cracking away at whatever data Aegis wanted cracked, I chose to go into an automech. At least this way, I can get out and move around, maybe even help people not end up like I have.”" she sighed, and went to examine the smoking remains of the automechs she had been sent to find.

“Central, this is confirming, Grey Ghost’s team is all down… Looks like they barely knew what hit them.” she called over the radio. Then the robot she was standing over exploded.

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