Rescue Handle

As Fox was flung backward, Josh was suddenly unable to move as the padding of the compartment instantly inflated around him. Moments later, Fox hit the ground with a jarring shock.

The compartment shrank back to normal, leaving Josh lying on his back. “Fox? Fox, are you all right?” The screens had gone out, and it was pitch black.

Josh fumbled for his phone and flipped it open, holding it up to see by the glow from its screen. “Where is it…there’s got to be one…oh, there.” He reached up and tugged on the handle above his head. With a hiss, the front of the compartment split and slid open, and he stood up to look around.

The front of Fox’s robot form had taken the brunt of the blast. “She’s going to need some major body work.”

Then Josh nearly tripped as the padding slid open under his feet, too. “Huh?” He looked down. There was a small knapsack in the concealed compartment, and above it a fist-sized block of holographic storage glass nestled in a socket.

Then Josh heard motorcycle engines approaching.

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