Best Laid Plans

“Maybe a little bit, but not as much as you would think. Don’t worry, I have plans,” Jason said with a smirk as he headed downstairs once more.

“Yeah, well so did the Soviets, and look how they ended up,” Star grumbled as she followed him down. The scene she found when she got down there, however, was enough to startle her into combat-alertness. An overhead door that had been closed, separating one part of the first floor from the rest, was now open, and inside was complete disarray.

“Calm down, that’s just Bran’s workshop, it’s always like that,” Jason reassured her.

“Really? I’m almost afraid to go in there, and I don’t have an ankle I can twist tripping over something!” she exclaimed, with the robotic equivalent of a raised eyebrow.

“There are paths, you should be able to fit, come on in!” Bran shouted. Tentatively, she did, and Jason followed. He was right, she did fit, if only barely.

“Now, I’m not sure how much Jason’s actually told you,” she said once she got close enough to talk to him normally.

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