The Orphanage 13 (edited ficlet)

“Huh?” said Fay drowsily.
“Aleena calm down, this isn’t her fault, we all agreed to this.” Said Marco.
“CALM DOWN!?” Aleena had had it, “Just a few hours ago, Fay almost died! We knocked out our foster dude thing, and robbed his house! We can go to jail!”
“We won’t go to jail, he abused us, and we have proof” said Fay weakly.
“How about we just take five here” said Sophia, who then shot a stern look to Aleena.
“pshh.” Aleena retorted, crossing her arms.
They all sat down, spread apart, confused of what just happened, this was supposed to work out way differently, except Sophia sat next to Fay.
“Hey, this is nothing, just a minor set back right?” Sophia said, with a sad expression.
Fay smiled, “Of Course.”
“You remember the pranks? Us getting beat, like I said, this is nothing, you can fight this, ok? You’ll be ok.” Sophia choked.
“Soph, I’m going to be fine, don’t worry about me, just promise me that you will get the others away if anything… happens” said Fay, her eyes watering.
“I promise."

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