The Orphanage 14 (edited ficlet)

“Hey, can you help me try to stand up?" Fay asked, changing the subject.
“Uh, ya, are you sure your ready though?" Said Sophia with a look of concern.
“Nope. Just help me." replied Fay.
“OK…" Sophia said sighing, she held out her hand and pulled Fay into a sitting position. Then she kneeled at her side and put Fay’s arm around her shoulder,
“OK, on three, one… two…" Sophia counted, “Three!" They rose up until Fay was standing up straight. “Your really short." Sophia smirked.
“Thanks." Fay said, looking away so Sophia didn’t see the pain on her face. Everyone was looking at them now.
“Hey Fay, are you OK?" Said Lucas looking her over carefully.
She turned her painful face into her usual cheerful expression. “Ya, I’m fine, never felt better! Let me try to walk Soph." Fay asked, everywhere was throbbing from when he had kicked her.
“OK, but I’m not letting go of you, and someone else should be on the other side of you, just in case." Sophia said sternly.
“I’ll do it," Abigail said, getting up.

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