The Orphanage 15 (edited ficlet)

“No, Aby’s too tall, why not Marco?" said Fay, looking at Marco.
“But I’m taller." said Marco confused.
“Oh ya," Fay blushed, “go ahead Aby."
Abigail looked from Marco to Fay, Sophia did the same, then they both smiled.
“What’s so funny?" Aleena snapped.
“Oh… nothing." said Abigail putting Fay’s arm around her shoulder.
“Yes… nothing at all." said Sophia. “OK, you ready?"
“Lets do it." With their help, Fay took a step forward, her legs shook as her weight was switched from leg to leg. As she took another step her leg gave out, she screamed as she felt herself being weightless, closing her eyes awaiting for more pain of falling down. When she didn’t meet the ground she opened her eyes and noticed that Abigail and Sophia were supporting her weight completely, looking concerned. Her whole body was aching, and the tears couldn’t be held back easily, but she only let a few escape.
“Maybe you shouldn’t walk yet." said Marco, who had rushed over with the Lucas as soon as Fay screamed.

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