Horror Story Part 1

The door bell rang, interrupting the horror movie that was playing on the big TV in the lounge. Her heart pumped fast as she picked up a baseball bat and headed for the door. The bell kept on ringing and ringing. She continued moving slowly through the corridors to the door. She could see a dark figure on the other side. She slowly unlocked the door, bat in hand and closed her eyes and yelled “I’ve called the police” and started swinging the bat. She opened one eye to a guy with his hand in front of his face, trying to protect himself from her big, loose swings. She opened her other eye and put the bat down.“Please Miss, I’ve only come to give you your mail” The mailman said, starting to walk backwards, his hand holding his arm in pain.
“No, come back! I’m Sorry; I was watching a horror movie…” she said dropping her bat
“It’s alright Miss, Sign here.” He said handing her the form for her parcel.

(This is only the first part, If you want the second part please tell me and ill put it up!) :) THANX

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