Interlocking Definitions

I’ll remove all…

The words kept echoing in Violet’s head, her new head. She tried to chase them away rather than dwell on implications and possibilities. All day, Rae moped around the garage, fiddling with this or that without getting anything productive done. Violet almost felt sorry for her.

“…remove all the interlocks…

They hadn’t conquered the daily memory dump yet, so Violet simply tried not to think of very much. This was rather difficult, there being so much to think about. Fortunately the events of the previous night were worth replaying, and they already knew all that. She happened to wonder idly how Rae would feel about a memory dump.

…all the interlocks…

Her visual sensors blinked in recognition. Rae had crossed her mind without ‘mistress’ popping in automatically. By ‘memory dump’ she’d meant a good thump to the back of the head, and the program didn’t auto-correct the thought. The interlocks were off. Rae was her mistress no longer.

So what did that make her?

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