Man in the Box

I could feel the expression on my face start to change. Another dimension? Say what you will about Lovecraft and Star Trek, but … it’s not real.

“You mean…you just plucked me out of our reality and put me here?”

My expression soured. The muscles in my face grew tense, causing my eyes to close half-shut. Laser beams could be shooting out of my eyes, if that sort of thing happened. Knowing Jackie, it probably could.

Jackie saw the change in my mood, and her eyes widened before her brow furrowed in confusion. “What’s the matter? This is a nice place. It’s quiet, and peaceful. I made it from scratch. No one will hurt you or me here.”

“But you didn’t bother to ask me before you did it!” I shouted, incensed. “You don’t have…safeties?”

Jackie spun around, unable to look me in the face. She bit her lip. “Please don’t be angry with me.”

“How else do you expect me to be with you? All this time I just thought…you were special because you got me. We had a vibe going. But now, this? Just send me home!”

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