The Tracks of My Tears

Another hour passed, and Jackie hadn’t returned. I messed up, and I messed up big. I knew Jackie was an amazing girl; that’s why I kissed her, after all. But until she had pulled me into her little mental dimension, I don’t think I really grasped just how fantastic she was. I started to grow afraid, not that I was stuck here, but that I’d hurt her, and at the same time ruined any chances I had of having a relationship with her. Par for the course for me, being such an idiot when it comes to girls. Now, add the extra layer of dealing with a full-on sorceress, and you’ve got thunder and rain outside of a little shack in a corner of her mind. I put my head down on the windowsill and sighed. I wasn’t sobbing, but there were tears streaming down over my cheeks.

After allowing myself a pity party for a little while, I searched for some food to give to the dog, and rifled through the books on the bookshelf. If I was going to spend some time in the metaphysical doghouse, there at least better be good reading.

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