The New Holly Golightley

You know how people have places to escape to? You know those places, its when you’ve had the gloomiest day and the only thing that will cheer you up is going to this place. Well i have a special one: Tiffanys and Co. I got the idea when i first watched the movie Breakfast At Tiffanys. It’s my favourite movie of all time, it stars the g gorgeous Audrey Hepburn who plays Holly Golightley. She escaped to Tiffanys when she had the “mean reds”. I escape to Tiffanys all the time. I live like I’m Golly Golightley. Whenever I suffer the mean reds i catch a cab to Tiffanys in the city and look at the lovely jewllery display. Its absolutely gorgeous and calming. One day when i was there i bumped into a budding writer and I knew I had finally met Fred. I lived the next few months finally feeling loved and more like Holly Golightley then ever. It was all thanks to Audrey Hepburn and one of the most famous movies of all time. :)

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