Remember me?

I knew the moment I saw him I loved him. I was at a friends party and I was standing alone with my drink. Everyone around me was coupled up and were making out around me. I felt like my efforts of dressing up were for nothing. Until I spotted him across the room also standing with his drink and looking just as alone. He waved at me and mouthed the word hi,my heart thudded against my chest. I was lucky the lights were low because I knew I was blushing like mad. “Hi”. “Do you want to dance?” he asked. “Sure”.In the middle of the room he met me and we slow danced, he put his arm around my waist and i felt my whole body go into a spazz. He leaned down and told whispered in my ear “I know you Cayla, Its me Harry” and then I realised that Harry was the little fat kid who was my best friend in seventh grade. He had changed and was hot. “I feel bad I never got to do this” he said and he leaned down and kissed me. I heard the birds and the angels sing, my insides melted and then my prince swept me off my feet. :)

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