... Thinking how wierd it was that I still trick-or-treated

I walked into my History class and glared at the over head projector that was set up and cast a bluish glow on the wall.
“Uhg, notes again,” I moaned, sitting next to Amy,“really?”
“It’s better than a test!” She smirked. “Did you do you summary on the Cuban Missile Crisis?”
“Yup, you?” I responded, getting it out.
“All on the last minute.” She said getting the paper out and putiing it on her desk, glaring at it.
The teacher announced that class would be starting in five minutes and to have our notebooks and reports out by then. I got out my notebook and put the rest of my belongings under my chair.
“So, are you and Josh doing anything for halloween?” Amy asked.
“Ya, we’re going to that haunted trail thing this weekend, then next weekend we’re gonna go trick-or-treating.” I answered… thinking how weird it was that I still trick-or-treated.
“Cool, are you going to a rich neighborhood?”Amy said, she was still a little kid inside like me, getting excited about little things, and candy “Those are the best!”

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