Say what?

“Say that again?”

I stared back blankly at my best friend, my eyes seemingly bugging out of its sockets. Veronica turned around to face me, her eyes bright and happy while mine seemed to have flickered out. She opened her mouth to speak, only to close it again, smile stupidly and attempt to speak again. She did this for three more times before sound actually came forth from her mouth.

“I’m in love,” she exclaimed, her hands clapping ecstatically, “John and I are together! I’m in love!”

I think I heard my heart break somewhere deep inside me. I bit the inside of my cheek, pressed my lips together into a forced smile, desperately swallowing the tears that threatened to flow.

“That’s great,” I manage, but not before I excused myself.

John’s my guy best friend and I loved him the moment I met him. I introduced him and Veronica once during a party but I never expected them to end up together.

Damn, it hurt. I loved him. And I let him go because she’s my best friend. And he loved her more than he loved me.

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