I’ve always found the rain very soothing. Sure, a lot of people hated it because honestly—it’s wet, cold and it makes you shiver to your bones. Yeah, I know all about that. But still, I love the rain.

It’s been raining non-stop for the past few days, the sky constantly pouring buckets all over the city. Nobody was out on the street, everyone opting to stay inside at home while nursing a cup of warm soup or something as they willed their time away in front of the television. I, on the other hand, grabbed my trusty black hoodie and slipped on my Converse before walking into the pouring rain.

I like walking in the rain. You can cry all you want and the water will wash away your tears, with nobody wondering why your eyes are red and puffy.You can imagine the rain washing away your worries and troubles away, your mind finally clear when you get back home. It clears your head. It makes you feel free. It’s fresh and clean and so… different.

See, there’s a reason to love the rain.

Rain. Don’t you just love it?

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