Sold into Cuddliness

“I’ve got something new I want to try. C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

He knew he shouldn’t have listened to his girlfriend. She’d been getting weirder and weirder ever since she’d had that “neko” treatment. True, she was cuddly as only a snow leopard could be, but she kept wanting him to do strange things.

This time had been strangest of all. He still wasn’t sure how she’d managed it, but somehow his entire body had slipped into the warm space between her legs, and it had sealed behind him and not let him out again for a long time.

When he finally had come out again, everything was much bigger. Including his girlfriend. She gathered him into her arms, cuddled him and stroked his fur—wait, he had fur now? He did. When he saw himself in a mirror, he gasped—he was a baby snow leopard neko now! He tried to protest, but his words only came out as yowls.

Then his girlfriend handed him over to a woman in exchange for a huge wad of cash—and then patted him on the head and giggled. “Enjoy your new life! I know I will be!”

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