Food Porn

I dipped the cherry tomato into the cream sauce and held it up by its stem for her to bite. Leaning forward, she englobed the ruby red orb with her lips, drips of the white sauce running down her chin. She bit into the ripe fruit and gasped in surprise.

Swallowing, she said, “Oh my…”

I picked up a fondue fork, pierced a cube of smoked ham, dipped it in the cream sauce, then quickly into the cheese fondue. Spinning the fork to keep it from dripping, I blew gently on the hot, shiny, melted cheese, cooling it slightly, and then placed it on her tongue. She moaned appreciatively as flavors mixed on her tongue.

I pierced another cube of ham, dipping it in the cheese fondue, then sprinkled it with herbs and spices. I teased her with with the cheese covered meat, saying, “No, not quite yet, let the flavors marry a bit.”

I then placed it on her tongue. She bit down and held my fork prisoner for a moment, then let it go. I smiled as she moaned in delight. “Now my dear, the main course.”

She quivered in delight.

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