Poolside Appetites

My friend Cindy and Shelly had beat me out of the locker room by a couple of minutes. But as I got to the pool, they were nowhere in sight.

But I did see two middle school girls on the poolside chaise lounges. They both had bulging bellies—if it hadn’t been for their age, I would have thought they were pregnant. “What’s wrong with you?”

They both just giggled. Then I felt someone tug at my hand and looked down. A third little girl was fiddling with a string on her swimsuit. “Can you help me tie this? I’m not good at it.”

“Sure.” I knelt down to help—then looked up just in time to see the girl open her mouth far wider than it should have been able to, and engulf my head with it. “Hey!” I tried to pull away, but arms stronger than mine gripped me and shoved me further in.

Before I knew what was happening, I was curled up inside her tummy, and she was lying on the third lounger. “I just love it when high schoolers visit. They’re so tasty!” she said. I barely heard the giggles of the others as they agreed.

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