It's a Beautiful Morning

Sunlight shot into the cabin through one of the windows, causing me to sit up with a start. The fact that I was inside the mental dimension of a lovely yet powerful sorceress notwithstanding, I must’ve fell asleep while I was reading. I guess time passes here just as it does in the “real world”. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Kitsune was sitting at my feet, his tail wagging happily.

The sun was out. The storm clouds from last night were still lingering, but for the most part had burned off. Jackie must have either calmed down, or perhaps her attention was focused elsewhere. Either way, it was a welcome change from the storm. From the shore of Jackie’s cabin I could see a little island in the middle of the lake; I figured, if I’m going to be here for a while, then I might as well enjoy the scenery. I plopped Kitsune into one of the canoes underneath the cabin, and launched it from the shore. I’d been to plenty of Boy Scout camps before, so I still had a passing familiarity with rowing.

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