Off In The Ditch

“What? The plasma cannon is NEVER overkill!” Sera said, looking at her brother like he had grown a third ear on his forehead. “I would, however, be curious as to exactly how you managed to let yourself get kidnapped by someone in THAT kind of getup.”

“Yeah, yeah, help me get this thing off of him.” James growled back at her, attempting to pry the steering wheel up off of Billy’s lap. When Sera shot out one of the front tires of the Duster, she had neglected to take into account the fact that the plasma cannon she was equipped with was meant for punching holes in armored robots. The front left quarter of the seventies Mopar had been almost entirely destroyed, sending the car into an uncontrollable skid.

The metal of the car groaned as she pried it off of the unconscious driver. The pair of AEGIS agents had come out significantly better than the pair who had kidnapped them. The dominatrix sister, in particular, had not been belted in and was ejected from the vehicle and badly injured when it hit the ditch.

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