Cat Food

“I was going to be sacked, so you ate me?!” I exclaimed, baffled.

“Exactly,” she purred. “One of the little perks of being a neko, some of us can swallow people whole. Really gives a whole new meaning to fresh food when you can still feel your prey moving inside until digestion gets going. Speaking of which…”

As if on cue, her stomach began to tighten further around me, and the already-moist environ became outright wet as her stomach began to fill with fluid.

“Please, Nadia, don’t do this!” I begged her. “I’ll do anything, give you anything, just please let me go!”

“Now why would I do that Ethan?” she asked, the smirk as evident in her tone as if I had been looking right at her face. “There’s nothing in the world you can give me that I won’t already have. You’re mine now, everything you have and everything you are. Now please, struggle for me, nothing feels better than that.”

I really couldn’t help but oblige her, panicking as the liquid rose. The last thing I heard was her burping out my last breath.

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