Going Out for Dessert

And then…I was nowhere. Or somewhere. I don’t know where. I was just…drifting.

Was this the afterlife, this drifting nothingness? Who was going to take care of my sister?

“Your sister?” It was Nadia’s voice from all around me. “Oh, what a great idea! Dessert!” She giggled.

Then, somehow, I was watching from behind Nadia’s eyes, as she walked into a familiar apartment building. It was the one with the apartment where Tara and I lived together!

“W—wait!” I said. “You’re not going to—”

“Oh, shush,” Nadia said, giggling. “I already ate you, you don’t get a say in my next meal!” And she knocked on our door.

Tara opened it. “Hi, who are—ohhhh.” She stared. “You’re gorgeous!”

“I’m a friend of Ethan’s. Can I come in?” she purred.

“Of course! Have a seat!” She was awed by Nadia’s neko looks, I could see it in her eyes.

“Thank you,” Nadia said, sliding onto the sofa. “Why don’t you sit here beside me?”

Tara blinked. “All right?”

I felt a grin slide onto Nadia’s lips. “I had a little proposition for you…”

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