Breaking Bread

That small, brief squeeze from behind. It was a small detail, but one that sparked a pleasant, tingly rush at the base of my spine, one that radiated up to the back of my neck. I inhaled sharply, letting the breath out in a sigh, trying to reach back quickly to return the hug.

I accepted Jackie’s wisdom for the time being and grabbed a croissant, and the juice that she poured for me. “So is this like the Matrix? Will I only be psychologically satisfied by this food, or will it take care of my physical hunger too?”

“Why don’t you wait a few hours and find out for yourself?” Jackie replied, smiling. There was butter on the table as well, hiding behind the OJ pitcher apparently; she used some on a biscuit, along with some peach jelly.

I saved a small bite of my croissant for Kitsune, which he snapped up eagerly. Leaning back, I looked up to the thick canopy of trees overhead, sunlight streaming through them. Jackie finished her breakfast as well, washing it down with more OJ.

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